Airport Master Plan

The St. Johns County Airport Authority completed an update to the Airport Master Plan in 2020. An airport master plan represents the airport’s blueprint for long-term development. 

Airport Planning. Airport planning is a systematic process used to establish guidelines for the efficient development of airports that is consistent with local, state and national goals. A key objective of airport planning is to assure the effective use of airport resources in order to satisfy aviation demand in a financially feasible manner. Airport planning may be as broad based as the national system plan or more centrally focused as an airport master plan for a specific airport. The primary types of airport planning may basically be classified as follows:

  • National System Planning (NPIAS)
  • State Airport System Planning (SASP)
  • Metropolitan Airport System Planning
  • Airport Master Planning 

2020 Airport Master Plan (Final Documents)

Airport Master Plan Update (06/03/2020):

Additional Documents:

Program Process: 

  • Master Plan Process – Completion
  • Forecast and Airfield Capacity - Review
  • NFRA (Areas and Future Projects) - Review
  • NFR-B (Areas and Future Projects) - Review
  • Implementation Plan (CIP Financing) - Review
  • FAA and FDOT Approval - Complete
  • Final Sponsor Presentation and Acceptance


 Master Plan Advisory Committee (MPAC) Meetings

Meeting Title

Date of Meeting

Meeting Agenda

Committee Meeting #1 February 22, 2017 Download Agenda  
Committee Meeting #2  June 21, 2017 Download Agenda  
Committee Meeting #3 January 31, 2018 Download Agenda  
Committee Meeting #4 May 30, 2018 Download Agenda  
Committee Meeting #5 June 29, 2018 Download Agenda  
Committee Meeting #6 December 13, 2018 Download Agenda  
Committee Meeting #7 June 26, 2019 Download Agenda  



Program Process Update: 

MPAC Meeting Minutes

Meeting #1 Minutes February 22, 2017