US Customs & Border Protection Services

Northeast Florida Regional Airport is pleased to facilitate U.S. Customs and Border Protection Services.

The airport is a "User Fee" airport therein allowing direct aircraft return flights to the Northeast Florida Regional Airport, with proper coordination, to and from foreign countries. "Overflight Permits" from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol can be facilitated by contacting the U.S. Customs Office at the airport. For more information, as to the requirements, please contact U.S Customs at (904) 209-0099 or access their website at

Normal Business Hours for U.S. Customs at Northeast Florida Regional Airport are Thursday through Monday from 12:00PM – 8:00PM. Aircraft arrivals outside of normal operating hours will be subject to an overtime fee of $150 (first 60 minutes), $125 each additional 30 minutes, $200 per hour for additional officers in addition to the normal inspection fee. 


  • Piston Aircraft - $50.00
  • Single or Twin Engine Turboprop Aircraft - $150.00
  • Turbojet or other Turbine Powered Aircraft - $250.00

*Scheduled Commercial Service (FAR Part 135 or 121 - 30-seats or fewer) Aircraft Type plus $10 per PAXPAY



U.S. Customs Contact Information (SGJ)

Officer: Mr. Juan Terry
Phone: (904) 209-0099
FAX: (904) 209-0098