Tenant Information and Training

Are you new to our airfield or renewing your access media? Learn about airport policies and training procedures by completing one or more of our training courses. 

  • Due to the length of the following training courses, it is recommended that these courses be watched from a laptop or desktop computer. 
  • At the conclusion of the video, enter your name and contact information in the form provided to receive credit for having completed the video training. 


Tenant Training Video. 

Movement Area Training Video.

Aircraft Wash Rack Training Video. 

Our Tenant Training video provides valuable information for Airport tenants and access media holders. 

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Our Movement Area Training video provides important information for Airport access media holders. 

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Viewing this short course on the use of Airport wash rack facilities and completing a short online test are required to wash any aircraft at NFRA. 

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Tenant Training Video Image Movement Area Training Video graphic  Wash Rack Training Video 
Tenant Training Video Movement Area Training Video Wash Rack Training/Orientation Video


 Additional online resources:

NEW VIDEO > The FAA recently profiled the Northeast Florida Regional Airport in their new video series, "From the Flight Deck," promoting pilot safety at America's airports. To view other FAA videos, visit: https://www.faa.gov/airports/runway_safety/videos/


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VIDEO: From the Flight Deck - SGJ 



Security Identification Display Area (SIDA)

Security Identification Area