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Airport Construction Updates


Thank you to all airport users for your patience and understanding as we seek to enhance our facilities. 


Taxiway "D" Rehabilitation

On Monday, March 15, 2021, construction began on the Taxiway "D" rehabilitation project. This infrastructure improvement project is funded through a Federal Aviation Administration "Airport Improvement Program Grant." The St. Augustine - St. Johns County Airport Authority appreciates our strong partnership with the FAA. 

Taxiway D Project Graphic


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  • Runway 6/24 will remain CLOSED. Runway 2/20 will be CLOSED this week. 
  • Construction Activity: Subgrade & limerock base construction for Taxiway D and underground electrical continues.
  • Look Ahead: Asphalt Paving will begin this Thursday the 22nd working from east to west.
  • Access across Taxiway “D” is restricted to a single crossover at Taxiway D4 to Runway 2/20 for a few days.
  • Continue to check your e-mail for updates as access points may vary after paving begins.
  • Barricade Locations are Shown in RED.


  • A Temporary Taxiway has been installed for access to Hangar Rows B, C, D, E, G & H (Shown in PURPLE).  
    • It is recommended aircraft be towed across the temporary access to 2/20. 
    • Tenants may self-tow, but should secure towing equipment prior to aircraft operations. 
    • Contact Airport staff in advance should you require towing assistance. 
    • You are not authorized to walk or drive vehicles in active construction areas, unless towing an aircraft.  This includes Taxiway “D” and Runway 6/24. 


  • A Temporary Taxiway Access Route serving Hangar Rows J, K, L & M has been established to facilitate Aircraft Access between these T-Hangars and Taxiway “F” at the Self Fuel Facility (Shown in MAGENTA)This corridor offers 46 ft. of wingspan clearance.
    • A painted Taxiway Centerline is in place along this route. Please Note: Wingtip Clearance is only assured if following the painted centerline.
    • Exercise Caution when operating under power or towing due to line-of-sight restrictions.
    • Please be sure to secure any personal towing equipment utilized.
    • Please contact Airport staff in advance if towing assistance is needed. 


Thank you for your patience and understanding during this infrastructure improvement project. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Airport Authority Administration Office.




Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will ALL tenants be impacted?

A: No. We expect intermittent project impacts to tenants in Hangar Rows B-M. Impacts will be as condensed as possible.


Q: Will impacted tenants receive any rent abatement?

A: No. The project will not restrict any t-hangar access by tenants to their hangars. Impacts will be limited to intermittent airfield access.


Q:  What if I need to use my aircraft regularly during this project?

A: Please email or call the Airport Office to speak with staff about this circumstance.


Q: Will Runway 6-24 be temporarily CLOSED during the project?

A: Yes. Runway 6-24 will be temporary CLOSED and identified as a non-movement area while the project is underway as a safety measure.


Q: What type of accommodations may be possible for limited airfield access during the project?

A: Accommodations will depend on the construction activity taking place on the date of need. Limited access may be permitted in cases where a special need exists and may require aircraft to be towed within construction areas where the asphalt surface has been disrupted.


Q: If I need to have my aircraft towed through the construction zone to access the airfield, do I need to schedule this in advance?

A: Yes. All special accommodations must be arranged in advance to enable staff to coordinate logistics with the construction team.


Q: Will staff tug the aircraft in and out of my hangar?

A: No. Airport staff will not pull or place aircraft into hangar units; staff will only assist with aircraft towing after the aircraft has been moved onto the taxilane and only when you are physically present.


Q:  Will I be able to use an airport wash rack?

A: Yes. The wash rack along Taxiway “F” will remain in service. The wash rack near Hangar Row B will be out of service.


Q:  Will regular updates be provided on the Airport website?

A: Yes. The website will serve as the host of the most current information. It will be updated continuously during the project. Please be sure to frequently check the webpage and NOTAM.


Q:  Will there be opportunities for tenants to ask specific questions related to this project? 

A: Yes. In addition to the information provided via email and on the Airport website, Zoom calls will be held during the project to allow tenants to ask staff specific questions which they may have. Links and information regarding the calls will be posted on the website. Tenants can also email with any questions that they have regarding the project or special needs.


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For additional information, please contact the Airport Authority office at 904-209-0090 or email